What is a Harm Reduction Plan?

A harm reduction plan is a set of guidelines or a strategy to minimize harm done in our lives. Most of the time these are tied to certain symptoms or a diagnosis.

Some common diagnoses that could use a harm reduction plan are

The point of having a harm reduction plan is not just to minimize harm but to also start recognizing and thinking about your triggers or warning signs.  Learning how they tie together to impact your own version of events from start to end is called ‘insight’.

The more insight you have into your diagnosis, the more you can strategize a plan and navigate your symptoms. You probably have a few ways you’re doing this already but putting a harm reduction plan down in writing will take it to the next level.

A lot of us don’t spend a lot of time analyzing what comes before we take a turn for the worse. We usually take a look aroud in the middle of the chaos and feel helpless to what’s happening around us; powerless over ourselves. But if we could see the slight signs that point to steep grade ahead, we would have that chance to prepare.

If you could see all of the warning signs clearly, you could plan for the worst parts of your symptoms.

So, what all goes into a harm reduction plan?

You really can personalize a harm reduction plan as much as you like but here are some possible topics covered;

  • Triggers
  • Signs your mood is changing
  • Asking for accommodations
  • Seeking support
  • Safe/unsafe people
  • Checking the facts
  • Limitations


Some Things To Remember

Putting together a harm reduction plan can take some trial and error and will vary depending on what it is for.

A plan for an eating disorder is going to include different things than one for schizophrenia, and that’s okay.

Even two plans for the same diagnosis can vary.

You can have a harm reduction plan and still have harm done.

It’s up to you whether or not you share your harm reduction plan.

The example below was created for a bipolar II diagnosis.

Harm Reduction Worksheets PDF


Free PDF Harm Reduction Plan Version #1

Free PDF Harm Reduction Plan Version #2

Free PDF Harm Reduction Plan Version #3

Free PDF Harm Reduction Plan Version #4

Free PDF Harm Reduction Plan Version #5

Harm Reduction Plan Example

harm reduction plan

Harm Reduction Worksheets PDF

harm reduction worksheets pdf

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What is a Harm Reduction Plan


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