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Book: A guide for Adult Children of Alcohlics, buy on amazon
Attached: Buy book on Amazon.
Mothers who cant lost. A healing guide for daughters on Amazon.

Hi. My name's Britney. Today I am a mental health nurse. I have 4 brothers (no sisters).

My mom passed away when I was 12 from substance abuse and other mental health diagnoses. My dad really likes beer.

I was a teen mom. I graduated from nursing school in 2015.  I've been married & divorced. I had cancer, but don't anymore.

My son is in middle school now & I have quite a few fantastic nephews. I have 3 dogs & a kitty, a lot of ducks too. 

I love traveling. I like animals, being outside & taking pictures. I also like sitting on my couch. I like sci-fi, true crime, spongebob & football. 

I blog about mental health, meds & anything related. I'm open to niche related guest posting. I try to post weekly.

I like mental health because it's interesting. I like learning & understanding people. 

I try to be helpful but I'm just a human too. 

I have been in CBT for 6 years, maybe more. I have joined Adult Children of Alcoholics groups for years & have read quite a few mental health related books. 

C-PTSD, alcoholism family dynamics, domestic violence, medications, & mother abuse are what spark me. 

If you're wondering about a medication, topic, diagnosis, etc. feel free to reach out because I am always looking for things to write about.

brian and I

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