PTSD Journaling Prompts- Trauma Writing Exercise: 66 pages


PTSD Journaling Prompts

Trauma writing exercises for your healing journey

66 Page Downloadable Printable PDF filled with writing prompts created to help you

  • Find your inner voice
  • Process past trauma
  • Correct cognitive distortions
  • Identify coping mechanisms
  • Identify trauma triggers
  • Find a sense of peace
  • Provide a safe space for emotional wounds
  • Find new perspectives in your painful experiences
  • Find helpful tools for difficult situations
  • Find private space to explore past hurts, and your younger self
  • Identify your individual PTSD symptoms
  • Includes a professional therapy checklist for inner healing
  • Find a starting point in your healing process with blank pages for you to write a list of things
    • Negative beliefs
    • Dark feelings
    • Your inner critic
    • Emotional pain
    • Yours/others’ behavioral patterns
    • Painful memories
    • Old wounds
    • Negative feelings
    • Negative emotions
    • Painful situations
    • Biggest regrets
    • Difficult emotions
    • Biggest fears
  • & Positive changes to improve your conscious decisions and connect with your authentic self


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POST traumatic, stress disorder

After the traumatic thing is over; how you experience stress & your attempts to regulate it are not “functional”. 


Hi. I’m a mental health nurse and have had my own traumatic experiences.

These PTSD journaling prompts have been inspired by my own childhood trauma & trauma healing journey, along with professional experiences.


“Don’t forget to love her. The little girl you used to be. Perhaps She lies within you. Untucked. Sleeping peacefully.”

Kiana Llanos


PTSD victims often struggle to understand their surroundings and others’ intentions. It’s hard to decipher what’s a threat and what’s not.

A lot of other mental health disorders are PTSD in disguise; anxiety disorders, personality disorders, insomnia, ADHD and even schizophrenia are tightly intertwined with PTSD.

It’s hard to sort.

It’s hard to live with.

It’s hard to sleep.

It’s hard to focus.

It’s hard to overcome our body’s strong survival tactics that have been shaped by our past experiences.


“Every fragment of self-talk is a little story in the head that goes around, and then you look at reality through the lens of the little story.”

Eckhart Tolle


We know they are there for good reason. The problem is that sometimes these ways of living aren’t really living; they’re strictly surviving.

When we don’t feel secure, we judge harshly, resist change, & cling to what we see as secure; because anything else is a risk to our safety.

Because our safety has been threatened so severely, our sense of fear is often an exaggerated illusion. We can’t understand that until we have enough trust to trump our bodys’ signals and leave our comfort zone.

Are you ruling your body, or is your body ruling you?

Guided journal writing is one of many powerful tools to help you on your path.

The more you process your PTSD and understand it, the more you can actually live instead of just survive.


“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Eckhart Tolle


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