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About Me

I’m Britney. I’m a Registered Nurse and Mental Health Professional. I like talking to other people that have dealt with PTSD, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional families & alcoholism.

about me

So Why TwoForSue?

Well, here is some history about me and the inspiration for my blog. My mother (Sue) passed away when I was 12. One thing that seemed to put a smile on her face was when she talked about a tattoo she had on her hand. It was the roman numeral two. She would frequently shout proudly “Two For Sue!”

Her brother gave her the tattoo when they were young. The phrase meant anytime they took a shot, or shot up, two were for Sue. I’ve always thought it was ironic that a motto that lit her up with joy was the thing that destroyed her and everyone around that had to watch, including her children.

I used resentment for years to block the sadness. I was heart broken. The mother I deserved isn’t part of my story, and never will be.

Somewhere in her story she became pregnant unexpectedly, moved across the country with my dad and raised 5 children as a stay at home mom, the best she could, until she couldn’t.

She was proud of where she came from, she missed her connection with her brother. Drugs and alcohol were something that she used to get through. I don’t think of it as “drugs and alcohol” killed her anymore. I can see that they were what she used to try to get through the bigger problem; mental health struggles.

I don’t “support” the way she did everything, or most things.. but what I can’t ignore is that she was human.. like all of us. She didn’t have enough support, she didn’t have as many resources. Could she have done things differently? I don’t know.

What I do know, is that mental health has become a focal point of who I have become.

I wished I could be enough support, or enough of a reason for my mother to make it and sadly, I wasn’t.

I’ve stumbled through all of life with somewhat of a “mental health lens”, intrigued, saddened, bitter, and mystified by it. I’ve lived through some things, but so have many others. I by no means, think I have the “right” answer or know the most.

I just hope to be of help to anyone looking.

About Me & My Career

about me

I became a registered nurse in 2015.

At the moment I am a Mental Health Professional. I enjoy helping others & like many in this field, I do struggle to find balance at times.

I’ve worked in a gas station, restaurant, hospital settings, group homes, and now in a mental health clinic for the past 5 years

About Me & My Recovery

In 2018 I started calling and emailing therapists, looking for help.

I had went to my PHCP for every health ailment that my anxiety told me I had. I functioned through years of depression, and for 15 years was recalling past events over and over and over.

I was lost or “spiritually bankrupt” as my future group would call it.

I’ve changed my life with a lot of the things I write about; CBT, medication, Adult Child of Alcoholics, journaling, group therapy, individual therapy (free and paid for), reading books…

I was finally able to

  • Leave my unhappy marriage!
  • Understand and begin to change my “placating” habits
  • Transition jobs, buy a house, and so many other things

I was able to begin making decisions in my life, instead of my trauma/dysfunctional traits making them for me

After starting therapy and working through some PTSD standing in the forefront of my life, I was introduced to Adult Children of Alcoholics. I’ve only mentioned my mother, but my Dad was also an alcoholic and has been for a long time. It seems that all four of my grandparents suffered with Alcoholism along with many other family members.

When I found Adult Children of Alcoholics I felt like I had found my people. They understood, and I can’t overstate that.

It was a HUGE feeling of validation knowing so many others lived through what I did. A secret life of chaos, void of any emotional support. I cried through so many meetings without even being able to get out what my name was, but over time I could say words and eventually was even running meetings.

I felt at home with ACOA, in a good way. After reading the book that introduced me to it, I even got my first tattoo;


The Placater

about me


I had found my daily life, written in a book, and as horrifying as it was to realize I didn’t have free will.. there was a quote that followed shortly


“the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name”

I had found my problem and I could work on it.

I love talking about mental health topics and outwardly, with love, enjoy breaking the alcoholism rules of


“Don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel.”


I put some of the things I’ve used below if you’re interested.

They’re for anyone from a dysfunctional family. 

A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics on Amazon

(My brother found it in a box of free books)

Easy, short & informative read.

a guide for adult children of alcoholics

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

This book explains effects of childhood trauma on the brain

It’s kind of a dry book in my opinion, but worth the read.

It definitely explains PTSD, which is really insightful and helpful if it applies to you.

the body keeps the score book

Mother’s Who Can’t Love

(For mama trauma)

This book explained a lot and guided me through complicated grief. 

mothers, about me

Hope Recovery

A non profit organization that has free support.

They have individualized therapy and support groups for

  • Eating disorders
  • Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Dissociation
  • Sexual trauma
  • Grief and loss
  • Self esteem
  • Self care
  • Men’s support groups
  • Substance abuse

Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families  | ACOA

ACOA changed my life. I know that a lot others feel the same admiration for this program.

They have guidelines to make sure you feel safe. Plus, it’s all free.

Don’t be worried if you’re not from a home with alcoholism; alcohol aside; there are tons of people that are just as welcome as anyone else. 

I prefer the in-person groups personally, but there are tons of virtual groups too.

You can read more about me & find more of my content at www.twoforsue.com or put your email below and I’ll email you each time I post something new.


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