27 Page Detailed Anxiety Journal PDF


27 Page Detailed Anxiety Journal PDF

Instantly downloadable digital printable PDF to help you navigate your anxiety.

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Anxiety Journal PDF

  • Instant digital printable downloadable PDF
  • Journaling for those who struggle with anxiety.
  • 25+ pages covering types, symptoms, causes and treatments of your anxiety.
  • Explore the components of anxiety and what you can gain by overcoming them using the CBT model.
  • Journaling prompts for your greatest and most common fears and how they impact you on a day to day basis.
  • Includes a medication log to help you track your medication history.
  • There are monthly and weekly calendars to help you analyze information and make life changes as necessary.
  • Identify helpful distractions and your support system.  


Anxiety Journal PDF



I’m Britney. Here’s some words,

Anxiety is normal & we all have some of it. But, many of us know it can get out of hand and become downright debilitating. I spent most of my twenties with terrible anxiety including but not limited to:

  • Thinking I have breast cancer
  • Believing my IUD was dislodged
  • Worried someone would be waiting for me in the backseat of my car
  • Convinced I could hear someone walking on my deck
  • Worried someone was waiting behind a tree to ambush me
  • Believing my heart was beating abnormally
  • Thinking someone was standing just outside my doorway in my house

After years of tests & frequently visiting my family doctor, she convinced me to go to therapy. It honestly changed my entire life.

I knew I always thought about traumatic things that happened when I was young. I knew something felt off in me, but I didn’t realize things could be different.

In my family we ignored emotions.

My mother passed away from substance abuse when I was 12. There was never a funeral & we didn’t mention her.

I didn’t grieve her until I went to therapy and was taught how. Seems silly right? I was a registered nurse.. but I didn’t have an understanding of emotions.

I had never even started processing YEARS of not-okay things that happened. In fact, acknowledging that things weren’t okay, wasn’t even okay. You feel me?

Therefore it was always in the forefront of my mind. I cried on the way to work about these events & they were still right there when I drove home; when I laid in bed to fall asleep, when I dreamt, when I drank too much.. for 15 years.

I was emotionally inept & “trauma locked” as my therapist called it.  

My parents were alcoholics and so were their parents. There are SO many people that come from families like mine.

If you did, give treatments for anxiety a chance. ESPECIALLY if how you’re living now isn’t working.

Journaling isn’t for everyone; personally I could have never got to where I am now with journaling alone.

I’ve been in individualized therapy for years & attended group therapy for years. Adult Children of Alcoholics was made for people from families like mine.

Kids that never grew up emotionally; adult children. I don’t mean they’re irresponsible or failures…

Many of us are “successful”, overachievers, people pleasers, hypercritical of ourselves & carry constant shame on our shoulders.

We can read a room quickly & pick up on the slightest of changes in any milieu; we’re sort of experts at anticipating danger. Because of this, we’ve become disconnected from ourselves.

I’ve read a lot of books about how dysfunctional families can change our perceptions & even what some would call our “personalities.”

We don’t grow out of these habits like we grow out of our shoes. They are what we know. They are the rules we live by because they kept us safe.

Remember, I said FIFTEEN YEARS.

It takes courage & guidance to change these things. 

I don’t cry about my little brother every day. Can you believe it? Because I still can’t sometimes.

I don’t go to my doctor for any of those things anymore. I don’t cry in my car everyday to & from work. 

I now work in mental health & have for years. I started blogging about mental health because it’s important to me. It’s interesting, complicated & it’s a constant learning experience. 


Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.

-Francis Bacon

This quote is how I think about emotions too. With that being said these prompts are designed to help you identify & navigate your own anxiety, personalized to you.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then definitely go through some of my content. 

I talk about dysfunction a lot & point out books, websites, groups & medications that can help.


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