Complex Childhood Trauma in Adults

Signs You’re Healing from Trauma

Signs You're Healing from Trauma signs of emotional maturity


50 Signs You’re Healing from Trauma

signs of emotional maturity


  1. You’re willing to go places you wouldn’t before
  2. You’re willing to spend money
  3. You’re also capable of saving money
  4. You think about the future more than the past
  5. You’re able to make decisions about how you want to respond before you respond
  6. You’re willing to express opinions that others may not agree with
  7. You no longer seek other’s approval
  8. You don’t expect something in return when you do an act of kindness
  9. You understand that mistakes don’t determine your value
  10. Fear doesn’t dictate your direction
  11. You do things because you want to not because you have something to prove
  12. Your rigidity has softened
  13. You are less judgmental
  14. You don’t feel inclined to make excuses for others
  15. You’re more of a participant than a bystander
  16. You are more trusting of others
  17. You’re able to see the gray in between the black and white
  18. You can see the silver linings of what happened
  19. You talk about emotions with authenticity instead of as a comedy movie
  20. You’re capable of adjusting to change
  21. You enjoy your own company
  22. You’re able to let go of micromanaging
  23. You don’t force relationships
  24. You don’t feel urged to control other’s perception of you
  25. You feel free
  26. You have unconditional love for yourself
  27. You listen to your inner voice
  28. You’re willing to admit your shortcomings
  29. You don’t take criticism as a personal attack
  30. You anticipate positivity instead of catastrophes
  31. You spend less time “reading the room” to diffuse conflict
  32. You’re capable of saying no
  33. You are less resentful
  34. You have a better understanding of appropriate boundaries
  35. You can ask for help when you need it
  36. You no longer assume others are out to get you
  37. You take chances that involve the possibility of failure
  38. You recognize your bias views
  39. Your life is more balanced (not a workaholics but capable of managing obligations)
  40. You are not terrified of rejection
  41. You are not afraid of conflict
  42. You allow yourself to experience emotions
  43. You are less needy/clingy
  44. You don’t follow unspoken rules
  45. You don’t feel the need to manipulate people or situations
  46. You ingest a wide variety of content; movies, music, TV shows, etc.
  47. You are able to be vulnerable
  48. You don’t feel guilty for existing
  49. You don’t feel the need to belittle others
  50. You no longer confuse pity with love



10 Signs Your Body is Releasing Trauma

  1. Your dreams are more enjoyable
  2. You can fall asleep faster
  3. You feel healthier
  4. You can listen to critique without reacting
  5. You have less panic attacks
  6. You have more energy
  7. You feel less tense
  8. You have less intrusive thoughts
  9. You fixate less on possible illnesses you may have
  10. You can remember things that you couldn’t before



Be proud of yourself if you’re able to relate to some of these.

I didn’t start looking at my childhood trauma until my late 20s.

I’ll put some of the stuff below that really helped me. 



How to Treat Childhood Trauma in Adults

How to Heal the Brain After Trauma


Overcoming Childhood Trauma PDFs

(I made these)


Free Printable PTSD Trigger Tracker

Free CBT Model

Not Free 23 Pages of PTSD Journaling Prompts

Not Free Journaling For Those Who Lost a Parent As a Child

Not Free CBT Thought Diary




Books for overcoming childhood trauma in adulthood ↓

(I did not make these)





This also helped, but it is a workbook


I used both of these sites for free groups.

Hope Recovery

Adult Children of Alcoholics

I like the Adult Children ones MUCH more but I do have 2 alcoholic parents…




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Signs You're Healing from Trauma


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