Designing Spaces for Your Mental Health: 8 Cheap Things You Can Buy

Here are some things you can buy that can help to design spaces to improve your mental health.


Designing Spaces for Your Mental Health

8 Things Worth Buying

1 | Plants

Plant Stand

Plants make a room feel more natural and inviting. The are so many options which makes caring for plants fun and challenging.

If you have them in your office you get to take a break from your normal tasks to water your plant & even occasionally re-pot them. They’re a good conversation starter too. A lot of people that come in to my office comment on my plants which has been cool because I’ve learned so much more about them.


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“Interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.”

Source Here

2 | Inspiration

Get A Cork Board Here


If you like quotes ↓

Buy A Felt Letter Board

& Here are 20 Self Love Quotes for it

If you’re a visual kind of person then these are nice to have around.

I keep track of my debt on my corkboard. It’s a reminder & motivating to see the progress.

I also like to track goals or other random things.

You can put sticky notes on them for things you don’t want to forget too. I personally like the corkboard because it’s easier than changing all the individual letters. I also think its fun to personalize them, which the cork board allows for. 

3 | Natural Light


These come in over 20 colors & about 15 different sizes. They help make a room feel fresh and airy.

If you still want your blackout curtains, you can keep those on there too (since these are so thin). 

4 | Organization

Simple and Stackable Organizer

Life is much easier when things have their own place. You will know where to find it.

The scissors… Think about it.

5 | Give Your Bed a Makeover

Bedding Set on Amazon

Brand new bedding is amazing. I personally need to learn to keeps my dogs out of mine. 

6 | Lovely Smells

Deep Sleep Eucalyptus Pillow Spray

Did you know your smell is your strongest sense? 

7 | Improve Functionality

Hanging Spice Rack

I bought this and think it’s adorable. I can actually find spices.. Before I had them all in the cabinet that I couldn’t reach. I pulled them out & realized I have about 4 onion powders. But, slowly I’m using up the extra ones & it’s getting more organized. 

8 | Make it Safe

Motion Flood Light


I like these. But, I live right next to a trail & it creeps me out often. My house is visible from it & there aren’t any other houses around…

It gives me a little bit of comfort that a motion light might make people think twice about coming up in my home.


Home really is where the heart is. Take care of yourself by making your house into your home.


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